Top jobs in Dubai
Top Jobs in Dubai by Biggest companies

Top Jobs in Dubai By Biggest Companies

Are you looking for High Paying jobs in Dubai in Top companies? Then you are at right place, we are going to share most wonderful jobs offers in Dubai by biggest companies with complete details, procedure of apply and salaries.

Dubai has wide range of opportunities you can start and apply for different jobs. Trending and amazing opportunities in Dubai by top companies are as follow:

  1. Sale Executive
  2. Hotel cleanness expert
  3. Accountant & Admin
  4. Business Development Manager
  5. Sales Manager
  6. Store Manager
  7. IT Analyst

Sales Executive:

The Job for sales executive is offered by the company “Marriott International, Inc” at the location “Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek, Rigga Al Buteen St, P.O. Box 81148, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates VIEW ON MAP”

Hotel Cleanness Expert:

This job is also offered by the famous company “Marriott International, Inc” at the same location with handsome amount of salary as a Full time employment. If you have some previous experience in the field of cleaning then you can apply for this job.

Accountant & Attendant:

The job for accountant and attendant in Dubai is offered by the famous company “Apex Scaffolding”. You will be able to apply for this job if you have good grip and advance knowledge about accountant softwires with at least 2 to 4 years of experience.

Business Development Manager:

The famous company “KinFitz & Co” is hiring Business Development Manager with the salary range of AED 15000 to AED 23000. You are eligible of apply if you have experience in recruitment and staffing solutions and also should have relevant degree.

Sales Manager:

This job for Sales Manager is offered by the company “Hella”. You will be eligible to apply for this job if you have university degree in the relevant field and 5 to 6 years of experience in Sale Manager.

Store Manager:

This job of Store Manager is offered by the company “Al-Futtaim” as a Permanent Employment. If you can drive good sales and also fulfil the other requirements of company then you can try your luck for this high paying job.

IT Analyst:

This job of IT Analyst is offered by the company “BRF” with the handsome amount of salary. You can qualify for this job if you have Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Analytics, Data or Computer Science or similar fields.

Benefits Of Working In Dubai:

Dubai is a magnet for professionals worldwide, offering a plethora of benefits that make it an attractive destination for career growth and personal development. Here are the key advantages of working in Dubai:

– Tax-Free Income: Dubai exempts personal income tax, allowing employees to retain a larger portion of their salary.

– Competitive Salaries: Particularly in finance, engineering, healthcare, and IT sectors, professionals can earn lucrative salaries.

– Cultural Diversity: Working in Dubai means interacting with people from various backgrounds, fostering cultural understanding and a global perspective.

– Career Growth and Opportunities: Dubai’s thriving economy provides ample opportunities for professional advancement, working on significant projects for multinational companies.

– World-Class Infrastructure: The city’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities enhance the residents’ comfort and convenience.

– Safety and Security: As one of the safest cities in the world, Dubai offers peace of mind to its residents and workers.

– Quality Healthcare and Education: Access to top-notch healthcare facilities and international schools attracts families to Dubai.

– Work-Life Balance: Many companies promote work-life balance through flexible hours and recreational facilities, with abundant leisure options in the city.

– Multilingual Environment: English as the business language eases integration for expatriates from English-speaking countries.

– Lifestyle and Recreation: Dubai’s vibrant lifestyle, diverse cuisine, beautiful beaches, desert adventures, and world-class entertainment provide a fulfilling experience for professionals and their families.

While Dubai is filled with advantages, it’s crucial for individuals to consider factors like the cost of living, cultural adaptation, and the specific job market in their industry before making the decision to relocate to the city.

How To Apply For These Jobs?

If you are interested to apply for any of the above jobs in Dubai in any company then you need to check company requirements and procedure of apply for these jobs at official website Indeed.

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