Store Keeper Jobs In Dubai (Adidas Company)
Store Keeper Jobs In Dubai (Adidas Company)

Store Keeper Jobs In Dubai (Adidas Company)

Store Keeper Jobs are open in Dubai by the famous company “Adidas” as a Permanent and full time employment. You can avail this job if you will fulfill the basic requirements of qualification, experience and skills mentioned by Adidas. (Note: In this posting all requirements and procedure of apply is mentioned and described in detail, stay until to the end to understand all the procedure)

Mission Of Company:

You have to be do keep in mind the following necessary points to help the company to achieve their goals and work more affectively as a team:

  1. You have to help in achieve or surpass store sales and profit goals of Adidas by Keeping the stockroom in good shape and well-organized Managing store operations.
  2. It is necessary to ensure smooth movement of products to and from the sales floor Sharing your knowledge and experience to give feedback and support to specific team members who are working with you.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Store Keeper Jobs In Dubai:

To apply for this job as a Store keeper in Dubai in Adidas you should be able to fulfill the following requirements of Qualification & Experience to be eligible for this post:

  1. You can avail this opportunity if you have previous experience of store keeping in any company. At least 2 to 3 months of experience should be. Then you will be preferred.
  2. You should have basic skills of Communication, numeracy and literacy.
  3. If you have airport experience then also you will be prefered.
  4. If you have Arabic Fluency it will be preferred also.

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Responsibilities For Store Keepers:

After selection in Adidas as a Store Keeper your key responsibilities will be following:

  1. Keep your finger on the pulse of store sales goals, individual targets, and KPIs.
  2. Take charge, use all available resources wisely, and aim to not just meet but exceed them.
  3. Leverage your retail know-how to boost sales.
  4. Prioritize the flow of merchandise to the sales floor, setting the stage for success.
  5. Lead by example in the stockroom.
  6. Handle deliveries with speed and precision, always mindful of stock protection procedures.
  7. Keep a keen eye on inventory movement between stores and warehouses.
  8. Record and manage these movements promptly and accurately.
  9. Maintain a well-stocked and organized environment.
  10. Ensure supplies are ample, and keep everything in and around the stockroom shipshape.
  11. Uphold store policies for a safe shopping and working environment.
  12. Be a proactive problem solver.
  13. Spot opportunities for improvement and share your ideas with store management to drive success.
  14. Share your expertise with selected team members.
  15. Guide and train them on stockroom processes and behaviors.
  16. Foster a positive and respectful team environment.
  17. Collaborate effectively with your colleagues, always ready to support when needed.
  18. Stay on top of your game by completing training programs and applying your newfound knowledge on the job.

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How to Apply For Store Keeper Jobs In Dubai:

If you are fulfilling all the above requirements of company and willing to apply for store keeper job in Dubai then you can apply by clicking on “Apply Now” button.

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