Who are the top five car insurance in usa drivers? Before i get to my top 5 american auto insurance companies, let me go through this question of who are the top 5 auto insurance in usa drivers. The auto insurance companies have

changed so much over the past years and while i have seen many of my friend save money on car insurance with auto policies i believe that in the current generation, american auto insurance is only worth it if you own a car. We can see

on a daily basis as to why we have more accidents now than ever before, because when you are uninsured, you have no choice but to drive like crazy, or pay a huge insurance bill that can go as high as $6,000+ a year. I believe that cars are by far the most unsafe things on earth, yet american insurance companies insist on covering the cost of car

insurance. The best thing that we could do for car insurance in america is get a personal auto insurance policy, because at least then we will save money while driving. We can use our phone to automatically pay for our car

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