So I’m gonna dive intoa topic that we hear like at every agency we ever work with, which is frustrations around documentation in the management system. And I understand everybody

might come from different backgrounds, but when you come to an agency you have to document atthat agency’s standards. And honestly, poor documentation is one of those time black holes, you’re searching around,you’re trying to find things,

it’s not working well. So I really am very strong and passionate about the need for good documentation. Now you don’t need a tweet butyou don’t need a book, right? You need just enough information. The acronyms have to go,

okay? Not everybody understands them unless they’re universal in your agency, but you’re making itharder for a new person to join potentially. The bottom line is to me if it’s not in that managementsystem, it did not happen. And you

can’t use, I’mso busy as the excuse. You’re also so busy trying to remember what the heck you did on a file last year. So we all have to understand it’s a huge, you know, liability if we aren’t putting thatinformation in the system. You’re hurting your

teambecause no one else can help you or they won’t want to help you because your files are a mess. Two, how do we give agreat client experience if there’s no notes in the file? We can’t. It’s impossible. Three, the next step isyou are

opening the agency up to a huge you know issue. So while it might not beintuitive for some people the document, I want a certain greening a good habit into allof my loyal followers, viewers, et cetera. What we should be doingis taking a deep

breath, take a moment and document on that call. It happens at Verizon, American Express. Anywhere you call into, theyare not getting off the call and then documenting, hopingthe phone doesn’t ring. They aren’t taking notes onnotepad

either for that matter which is a huge other issue. I think notepads should be banished. I don’t agree with them. You know, I’ve made accommodations to say you can have one piece of paper. You can have a whiteboard,but doc notepads, especially as

we just aregoing through a pandemic, your notepad no one else can see if you’re in multiplelocations or you get sent home got to not use the notepads. But we should be on the phoneand just say, “Okay, Kelly, just wanna recap.

We’re changing out theVolkswagen for Alexis. We’re gonna make this effective tomorrow. I’m gonna send the auto ID cards here.” Any other questions. Type, talk, headset on. No excuses on the headset either. I’m sick of hearing that too.

I’m gonna look the way it feels. Get used to it. It will work and you will get used to it. And if you give it two weeks you’re going to not have this in writing down pieces ofpaper which is also super, super not good for you. So the bottom line isdocumentation is not optional. Done in there didn’t happen, and

you’re literally hurting everybody. It is like the most selfishthing that you can do as an insurance agent isto not document your files. And that’s our three-minute tip today. Are you an insuranceagency with over 10 people in your small commercial

andpersonal lines departments? Do you love our videos,podcasts, and content? If so, we heart you. We love you, love you, love you for that. We’re pleased to announce ouragency performance program. It’s a two-year programthat gives your

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start with anassessment of the agency and then get key metrics sowe can be working on them. We’ll launch your team efficiency and start time management program. Then we’re gonna go intorenewal review calls and install a sales

process. You’re gonna get all of ourprocess templates along the way and access to me as we hit any road bumps, speed blocks, et cetera. We’re only taking 20 clientsinto this great program this year. So if you’re interested, hop on right now, but it is only open toagencies over 10 people, the focus

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