You’re injured in a crash or in a fall. You’re likely going to be dealing with an adjuster or representative from the insurance company that represents the party that caused your injury in the first place. And I’m going to tell you how to interact with that particular adjuster in a way that’ll help your case.

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safe, healthy, and informed. We’re going to look at how you should talk to the adjuster and how you should deal with the adjuster from the insurance company who represents the party that hurts you. A lot of these are just going to be very simple and they’re just going to be what to be. And the first

one is to be nice, but be firm, Don’t Be afraid to advocate for yourself, but always make sure that you’re polite. Don’t get into shouting matches. make sure that you turn those over and give them to the insurance company for their review, because it will ultimately help them get to the end of the case, to where they’re going to make you an offer. Again, that offer may not be

something you’re satisfied with. And at that point, you should probably discuss your case with an attorney. The next thing is to be ready to talk to that adjuster supervisor, that’s something you may have to do in dealing with your case. Initially, the adjuster assigned to your case is probably going to have a pretty high volume of files and probably very limited authority to pay

out claims. That means that the adjuster’s probably gonna only have a few thousand dollars to pay out your claim. So you may have to go to a supervisor. Now, the adjuster may try to discourage you from that saying, well, you can talk to my supervisor and that isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Or you can say, well, you might, you’re going to talk to a lawyer. Well, you can talk to a lawyer, but that’s not going to change my offer. That goes back to being firm and being nice. And you can say, I’m sorry, your offer, is generous; is constructive, is whatever term you want to use. But I just am not in a

position to accept that offer. I’d like to talk to somebody and see if maybe we can get a little closer to what I think the value of this is. The next thing is to be alert. Now there’s insurance companies out there that can do some pretty underhanded stuff. And one of those things is they can send you with check out of the blue. You don’t know where it’s from now. You might be getting

reimbursed for your out-of-pocket medical expenses. Your no fault insurer may be paying your wages as part of that-part of the time that you’re out of work. And then all of a sudden this check for $500 comes out of the blue with another piece of paper to sign. The problem is that what that check is, is a settlement offer on a bodily injury case. And if you’ve been severely hurt, $500 may not cover it. And if you sign that, if you cash that check and you

return the paperwork, they’re going to turn around and say, well, you released us from any liability in this. You accepted settlement. So make sure that you look very carefully and you read the fine print of what they send you, especially if they send you checks, make sure that therefore unreimbursed

medical expenses or anything along those lines, they don’t say bodily injury. And they’re not trying to settle with you in a quick and dirty way. Finally, be ready to call a lawyer. I know that part is scary. You feel like you’re a bad person, or you people are gonna look down on you and call you litigious.

But if you’ve been severely hurt because somebody else was careless you may have no choice, but to contact a lawyer and a lawyer is going to be able to help you not only talk to the adjusters, but it’s going to help you gather all of the evidence from your doctors; is going to gather statements from

witnesses; is going to be able to help you get a handle on the case. And if necessary sue, the case for you; represent you at a potential trial and possibly, and to help in the negotiations. So there may come a time that you might have to hire a lawyer and make sure that you choose an experienced

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