Hi! Joe Jeffrey from Jeffrey Team Insurance Agency and these are 13 signs you may be working with the wrong insurance agent. Number one: you always call them but they never call you. This is a

problem. Your life changes over time and it’s your insurance agent’s job to know how their companies are changing and how to best cover you. If they’re not calling you to review your policy with you then

that means something is wrong. Number two: The answer to your policy questions is “Oh you don’t need that.” It is the job of the insurance agent to explain what a coverage is for and what it means. If they just dismiss your questions and say “oh

don’t worry about it,” or “you don’t need that,” well you should worry about it and you probably actually need it so you might be working with the wrong agent. Number three: They oversell you. Your insurance agent adds things onto your policy

that you, number one, didn’t even talk about or, number two, don’t even need and that’s a big problem. Number four: your insurance agent undersells you. In order to get you in the door your insurance agent might leave some coverages off,

which is nice because you’ll have a lower price, but come claim time that could be a problem because your claim could be denied. Number five: your insurance agent talks over your head and uses jargon you don’t understand. It’s my job to make

the policy make sense for you and to give you examples of how coverages work. If they’re just using insurance terms that you don’t understand and you walk away saying “I have no idea what just happened in that conversation,” then that’s also a

problem. It’s my job to make the insurance understandable for you. Number six: they don’t ask you any questions. Insurance is very individualized. If they’re not asking you questions about your

occupation, your income, your family, how many children you have, then these are large problems because these are the things that you are trying to protect and if they’re not taking the time to get to

know you and your circumstances then you will not be covered right. Number seven: they give you pre-packaged deals. The problem with the pre-packaged deal for insurance is there is no such thing. Like the previous point insurance is very

personal. My life is completely different from your life so my insurance should look completely different from your insurance and your needs. Coverages that I desperately need to cover my family may not apply to you and vice versa. So if

they say this is a prepackaged deal, this is what our agency does, then that’s a bad sign. Number eight: your agent uses the term “this is what most people do.” When someone says “this is what most people do,” in the insurance world that drives me

up a wall. You are an individual, it’s my job to figure out what makes you unique and how these insurance companies can protect you the best with your circumstances. Number nine: they only focus on price. I know a lot of consumers when they’re

looking to buy insurance are concerned about the in-the-door price, which is important. You need to be able to afford your insurance, but if your agent is only focused on price they might be willing to compromise your coverages just for that price.

There are things that I can do in a quote process to get my price lower than another company but I don’t want to sacrifice protection for you so I am happy to explain coverages that you could potentially need in a claim and then it’s up to you to

select those coverages or deny those coverages. I don’t get to make that decision for you as an agent. You should be able to make that decision. If your agent is making those decisions for you then that’s a bad sign. Number ten: your agent suddenly

disappears when you have a claim. When you have a claim that’s the whole reason you bought insurance. If your agent disappears and they’re not answering questions, they’re only referring you to an 800 number, they’re not giving you resources of restoration companies to work with, auto body

shops to work with, then you may be working with the wrong agent. Number eleven: your insurance agent only gives you one option of what to go with. Whether it’s one option for a coverage one option for an insurance company one option for a payment method this is a problem. Insurance,

again, is tailored towards you. If you want to pay monthly you can pay monthly, if you want to pay once a year you can pay once a year, if you want a different deductible you can choose that, that’s up to you. If your agent’s only giving you one option then that’s a bad sign. Number twelve: your policy payments go up with no explanation. A good

insurance agent should be able to tell you why a policy is going up, whether you had a claim or it’s just something that your insurance company is doing, and being an independent agent I can cross-check that against all the other companies I have

at my disposal to see if they are a better fit for you now. And number thirteen: when you call to cancel insurance with them they don’t care. If you call them to cancel your insurance and they don’t care, and they don’t try to save your business, then that means they probably didn’t even care in the first

place. So why don’t you switch to someone who cares? Go to our website, fill out the quote form, give us a call, and we will care about you! Your individual circumstance, your family, what you need. We won’t oversell you, we won’t undersell you, we will just provide you with

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